St Bride's Episcopal Church

Hyndland, Glasgow

O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness:

Let all the earth be moved at his presence (Psalm 96. 9)

Welcome to St Bride’s Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Interim Priest: Rev Matthew Little

 01698429895 :  07752647421 

Up coming Events:

On Tuesday 13 June we're delighted to welcome the Saint Francis High School Symphonic Band and Chamber Choir from California. They will perform a selection of pieces entitled 

'We Sing of Peace!'

Admission is free but donations to our Robert Lamont Music Fund are always welcome.

Let's Play Piano:

Saturday 27th May at 10.00am:

The Glasgow Bach Cantata 

give their next concert  in the series on Sunday 24th June 2023 at 7pm here at St Bride's Episcopal Church, 69 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9UX

Here they are in rehearsal earlier in the year:


We continue to pray for all who are suffering and are in need in Ukraine:

O God, the divine seeker, you are light to the lost, bread to the hungry, deliverance to the captive, healing to the sick, eternal vision to the dying, and harbour to every soul in peril.

Gather all those who are facing fear, hunger, oppression, death and injury through war and violence into the community of your mercy and grace.  We lift up to you those in Ukraine and throughout the world who cry for justice, peace and renewed hope.

Grant us the strength and will that with grace and compassion we may respond with your love.  Amen.

Sunday 28 May: Pentecost Sunday 

• 9.00 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

• 10.30 am: Choral Eucharist

Monday 29 May: Monday after Pentecost Sunday

• 7.00 pm: Evening Prayer (via Zoom)

Sunday 4 June: Trinity Sunday 

• 9.00 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

• 10.30 am: Choral Eucharist

Monday 5 June: Monday after Trinity Sunday

• 7.00 pm: Evening Prayer (via Zoom)

Thursday 8 June: Corpus Christi

• 7.00 pm: Choral Eucharist

Sunday 11 June: First Sunday after Trinity

• 9.00 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

• 10.30 am: Choral Eucharist

Monday 12 June: Monday after First Sunday after Trinity

• 7.00 pm: Evening Prayer (via Zoom)

Sunday 18 June: Second Sunday after Trinity

• 9.00 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

• 10.30 am: Choral Eucharist

3.30 pm: Choral Evensong and Benediction

Monday 19 June: Monday after Second Sunday after Trinity

6.00 pm: Evening Prayer (via Zoom)

Sunday 25 June: Third Sunday after Trinity 

• 9.00 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

• 10.30 am: Choral Eucharist

Monday 26 June: Monday after Third Sunday after Trinity

• 7.00 pm: Evening Prayer (via Zoom)

The church is not open during the week except as advertised above.

For further details for upcoming services please visit the menu items at the side of the page or click on the following link: Upcoming Services.


St Bride’s Episcopal Church worships within the Prayer Book and Anglo-Catholic traditions.

We are part of the Scottish Episcopal Church which traces its history back to the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland. The Scottish Episcopal Church is a Province in, and member of, the world-wide Anglican Communion.

The Eucharist lies at the heart of our worship and a sung celebration using the Scottish Liturgy 1970, a traditional language rite, forms our main Sunday act of worship. In normal times, there is a full programme of daily services and a monthly Choral Evensong and Benediction. We offer and value the Sacrament of Penance (more usually known as Confession).

St Bride’s is one of a very few Episcopal Churches in Scotland that sings the Mass, with full Propers, every Sunday morning. A variety of settings of the Mass, from Renaissance polyphony (e.g. Byrd), to Viennese settings by Mozart and Haydn and Anglican settings by Stanford and Leighton, are sung.

All are welcome to come to our services and all baptised Christians are invited to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. All may come to the altar to receive a blessing at the Eucharist.

Our Clergy and Pastoral Team are always available to offer a listening ear, or, where appropriate, practical help and support.

Come and join us – you will be most welcome.


All are welcome to join us ... including bears old and young!


The gardens looking lovely ...

The laburnum when it was in full glory in May

And the pink carpet beneath the Magnolia