The Oystercatcher

Past Editions of the Oystercatcher can be viewed below. The newest is at the bottom of the file.

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Our monthly church magazine, which you can read here, is called The Oystercatcher. This lovely coastal bird (Haematopus ostralegus), from the family of waders, represents the devotion and spirituality of St Bride beautifully. It is notable for its striking black and white plumage, its stout, straight, orange beak, and for its voice which can be identified by strident pipings and kleep calls. Click here for more information about the oystercatcher bird.

The oystercatcher has long been associated with St Bride, as outlined above. When St Bride was becalmed at sea, oystercatchers flew to her boat and by the beating of their wings, filled the sails of the boat so that she could sail safely to land. From the same legend, or another legend drawing from it, St Bride sends oystercatchers to guide sailors to safety.